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API Key Quick Start

Banyan uses the OAuth client credentials flow.

This means that to interact with the Banyan api you must first post your Access Key and Secret to our OAuth endpoint to get a bearer token.

Calls to subsequent endpoints will then use the bearer token returned from the OAuth endpoint to authenticate. You'll see that in the following API reference pages that you must submit this token to interact with the API.

Getting API Keys

Registered developer partners will be assigned an Access Key & Secret.

To become a registered developer partner please email [email protected].


In the "How To Authenticate" section to the right, enter your key and secret. Then hit the "Try It" button. If the key and secret are correct the response will contain a field access_token which is the bearer token that can be used on subsequent api calls.

For instance, you can go to Get Version Information and use the bearer token in the "Authorization" field on the right, to get the version information for our api.

Warning: Stale bearer tokens

The API Reference will remember your bearer tokens to make it easier to interact with. But, the bearer token will expire eventually. So you will need to authenticate again by following the steps above. If this is indeed the issue, the error response you receive will say "expired token."

How to Authenticate
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