Advertiser Data Onboarding Guide

If a merchant you would like to work with on category/item level card linked offers (CLO) is not already part of the Banyan network, we will work with them to ensure all necessary data elements are available. Just as with our Banyan Enrich product, we offer both an API for data onboarding as well as a file transfer option.

For CLO, we have more strict guidelines for payment identifiers that ensures we never miss a fulfilled reward, but otherwise it is very similar to our onboarding guidelines for Enrich. Below are the merchant file types and fields within that are necessary for a successful CLO campaign.

Transaction File

The transaction file has elements that apply to the overall transaction

Field NameDescriptionExample
Merchant Transaction IDYour unique ID rendered for each sale120394032820
Timestamp of PurchaseThe time at which purchase occurred (UTC if possible)2021-10-01 10:45:55
Total AmountAmount paid by the customer100.00
Tax AmountSales tax amount10
Shipping AmountShipping amount paid by the customer10
SubtotalTotal amount less tax and shipping80
Order TypeWhere the transaction was paid for. Valid examples: in_store, web, app, phonein_store
Fulfillment TypeWhether the transaction was fulfilled by delivery, pickup, or a ship optionship
CurrencyAlphabetic currency code associated with the value in ISO 4217 format.USD


The tender file has all payment details and ties back to the transaction file through a transaction id

Field NameDescriptionExample
Card Last 4Last 4 digits on the debit card, credit card2222
Card SchemeThe network the card was issued onMastercard
Authorization CodeSix digit alphanumeric code passed between banks that signal a transaction is possible389209
AmountTotal amount charged100

Item File

The item file has the list of items related to each transaction which ties back to the transaction file through a transaction id

Field NameDescriptionExample
Item ID/SKUUnique ID for the item sold in the transaction10410948031
DescriptionMerchant description of the itemCloudy Sky Pencil
UPCUniversal product code3091380910830980
Full Price Per UnitThe regular price for the item specified in the item id1.99
Discount Price Per UnitThe amount paid for the item1.79
Unit TypeThe unit the item is sold inEach
QuantityNumber of the same item purchased5

Product Taxonomy

The product taxonomy has granular detail about each item in the item file. This will be what is used to define what categories/departments/brands qualify or do not qualify for the offer. The below is not an exhaustive list, we will take whatever is in your taxonomy. Providing and using IDs is always preferred over names in the case that names are updated. This file should tie to the item file using the SKU field.

Field NameDescriptionExample
Category IDID for merchant defined category10
Category NameName for merchant defined categoryBeauty
Department IDID for department within merchant store4
Department NameName for department within merchant storeHome
Private Label FlagWhether the item is produced by the merchantTrue
BrandThe brand of the itemCloudy Sky
SKUThe merchant defined ID19081038
UPCUniversal product code3803091803180