Banyan Overview

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Banyan Services allow for a merchant's receipt data to be shared directly to the financial institution (banks, credit card companies, etc.) without the merchant having to enter into contracts directly with each financial entity. Banyan—who directly contracts with the respective entities—acts as the middleware by receiving the receipt data from the merchant providing such data through its proprietary API or standard batch process to the financial institution. The financial institution can then execute the use-case such as issuing product or category specific card linked offers or displaying the receipt in the banking app

Participating Entities

Participating EntitiesDescription
MerchantsBanyan's merchants provide goods and services to customers, and in the process provide item-level receipt data to Banyan, for the purposes of monetization and utilization in consumer facing products, applications and services. Merchants submit receipt data in realtime via Banyan REST APIs or via batch file transfer.
Financial InstitutionsBanks, card networks, fintechs, technology service providers, or other similar entities that have transaction-level data. These institutions submit transactions to Banyan, for matching and enrichment of itemized receipt data.
Merchant Service ProvidersA form of fintech that is hired directly by the Merchant to integrate with a prescribed list of vendors. Merchant service providers (MSPs) look like FIs in Banyan's network model, but they have extra privileges such as receipt search and access to extra merchant receipt fields.
ConsumerAny individual who purchases goods and service with a relationship with either a participating merchant or financial institution.
BanyanBanyan acts as a mediation layer between merchants and financial institutions, facilitating the sharing of item-level receipt data in a privacy-safe, anonymized, and secure way.

Our two main offerings for financial institutions and fintechs to use are Banyan Enrich and Banyan Confirm.