Batch: Recommended Field List

We understand that the nomenclature used here may not match what is in your data warehouse - that is okay! We will use part of the onboarding process to confirm our understanding of the data you send before the programmatic setup begins.

For official schemas please see the API Reference pages of our documentation.

Transaction Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNotes
Transaction ID21980107303829034String
Purchase Timestamp2021-11-01 01:34RFC3339 if CSV, Epoch Millis if AvroWhen end customer completed their transactionThis can differ from when the transaction is received from the Banyan client
DescriptionBob's Convenience Boston MAString
Authorization Timestamp2021-10-31 22:25RFC3339 if CSV, Epoch Millis if AvroWhen authorization was requested to the issuer
Custom FieldsCustomer Group AArray of StringsA free field to add attributes to a transaction
Order TypeWebStringWhere the transaction was paid for. Valid examples: in_store, web, app, phone

Payment Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNote
Payment TypeDebit, CreditStringCredit card vs Debit card transaction
Card SchemeVisa, Mastercard, AMEXStringThe network the card was issued on
Card Last 42393NumericLast 4 digits on the debit card, credit card
Authorization Code102481StringSix digit alphanumeric code passed between banks that signal a transaction is possible
BIN392019StringBank Identification Number associated with the card usedBINs will soon be 8 digits in length
Acquirer Reference Number (ARN)1209481040110814StringA unique 16-digit number that tags a credit or debit card transaction when it goes from the merchant’s bank through to the cardholder's bank. Also called a trace ID, this number is often used to determine where a transaction's funds lie at a certain time, and make a transaction traceable in case of an error in bank or merchant accounts.Note: only available with some payment schemes (VISA / Mastercard / Discover)
Total Amount34.50NumericAmount paid for goods/services
CurrencyUSDStringAlphabetic currency code associated with the value in ISO 4217 format.

Merchant Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNotes
Raw Merchant NameBob's Convenience Store at Shell Gas 143String
Merchant NameShellStringBanner name of the merchant
Address123 Main StreetStringIf ecommerce, should be null
CityBostonStringIf ecommerce, should be null
StateMAStringIf ecommerce, should be null
Zip Code02108StringIf ecommerce, should be null
Merchant Category Code (MCC)9301StringAcquirer assigned category code
Merchant Category Code NameConvenienceStringMCC code name
Store ID143StringID for the specific location under the merchant
Card Acceptor NameBAG STORE 124a-ddf8StringThe identification value used by payment processors to identify the location of the card acceptor terminal
Merchant Identification Number (MID)132480128410647StringAlso known as MID, it’s a 15-digit distinctive code assigned by merchant bank to identifies a merchant account to their acquirer

Customer Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNotes
Customer Token50198WEN370032StringFinX specified consumer token to be used for querying Banyan API Consumer History product
Customer Account Token1029470127401410StringFinX specified account IDAvailable if more than one user can share an account