API: GET Offer

A way to validate the offer details Banyan is storing


This endpoint can be used for validation of Banyan's API or to check later on what offer details Banyan is storing.

Developers, please see the API Reference for an interactive example.


api.banyan.com/rest/v1/offer/{{byn_offer_id}} where byn_offer_id is the offer to retrieve


Note: This is the Banyan form of ID received in the response to posting the original offer, not the FinX form of the offer ID.




idBanyan created ID of the offer object.String
publisher_offer_idUnique ID provided by the publisher used to create the byn_offer_id as well as the key to tie Banyan data back to FinX internal dataString
byn_campaign_idBanyan created unique ID for the campaignString
return_receipt_detailWhether the offer redemption record delivered back to the FinX has full receipt details or simply the resultBooleanValid values are true, false. Default is true
byn_advertiser_idBanyan created client/merchant ID that the campaign is advertisingString
byn_publisher_idBanyan created client/finx ID that the campaign is fulfilled byString
amount_back_limitThe highest amount the customer can receive for the offerStringRelevant when the offer is a % back of a purchase. If left null, there will be no limit.
amount_back_per_dollarRate of the reward per dollarStringExamples noted below
amount_back_typeWhether the reward is dollars or pointsStringPotential values: dollars, points, miles
start_tsWhen the offer is valid to be redeemedRFC3339Should be sent in UTC
expiration_tsWhen the offer endsRFC3339Should be sent in UTC. If you want the offer to extend for a long period of time, choose a date far out in the future.
offer_criteriaTop level objectObject


Offer criteria is what is used to determine whether the receipt Banyan receives

order_typesPurchase method such as web, in_store, or phoneArray of stringsNo
incl_tagsKey value pairs that represent item attributes that are valid for the offerArray of key value stringsNo
excl_tagsKey value pairs that represent item attributes that are invalid for the offerArray of key value stringsNo
incl_skuSKUs that are included in the offerArray of stringsNo
excl_skuSKUs that are excluded from the offerArray of stringsNo
amount_thresholdThe amount of money that must be spent to qualify for the offerStringNoDefault is 0
repeat_amountHow many times can the offer be reused by the same card/accountStringNoDefault is 0. A 0 value means that the offer can only be used 1 time


    "data": [
            "id": "72b5f9c4-2462-5398-b453-71f4040425d9",
            "publisher_offer_id": "6edcde44-f440-5dc2-ad20-5369303a27b0",
            "campaign_id": "79d42b73-5e20-5513-90bc-dbba39c6de90",
            "return_receipt_detail": true,
            "byn_advertiser_id": 106,
            "byn_publisher_id": 106,
            "amount_back_limit": "10",
            "amount_back_per_dollar": "0.2",
            "amount_back_type": "DOLLAR",
          	"currency": "USD",
            "start_ts": "2022-07-05T15:05:32Z",
            "expiration_ts": "2022-08-06T16:06:33Z",
            "offer_criteria": {
                "order_types": [
                "incl_tags": [
                    "category_description:|:BABY CARE"
                "excl_tags": [
                "incl_sku": [],
                "excl_sku": [],
                "amount_threshold": "50",
                "repeat_amount": 2
            "created_ts": "2022-12-08T17:01:24.01582Z",
            "updated_ts": "2022-12-08T17:01:24.01582Z"
    "errors": []