Retail Batch Recommended Field List

We will accept data that is flattened (joined together) or as separate tables with foreign keys. We understand that the nomenclature used here may not match what is in your data warehouse - that is okay! We will use part of the onboarding process to confirm our understanding of the data you send before the programmatic setup begins.

Payment Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNotes
Payment TypeDebit, CreditStringCredit card vs Debit card transaction
Card SchemeVisa, Mastercard, AMEXStringThe network the card was issued on
Card Last 42393StringLast 4 digits on the debit card, credit card
BIN918202StringBank Identification Number associated with the card usedSome BINs will be 8 digits in the near future
Authorization Code482920StringSix digit alphanumeric code passed between banks that signal a transaction is possible
Amount34.50NumericAmount paid for goods/services
Is VirtualTRUEBooleanWhether the card sent is a virtual card/wallet or a standard credit cardNull if not a credit/debit transaction

Store Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNotes
Merchant NamePickles R USStringBusiness Name
Store ID12093710StringMerchant's Store Identifier
Location NamePickles R US #2StringThe legal / listed name of the store of the purchaseFor brick and mortar transactions only
Location Display NamePickles R USStringThe banner name of the store of the purchaseFor brick and mortar transactions only
Card Acceptor NameBAG STORE 124a-ddf8StringThe identification value used by payment processors to identify the location of the card acceptor terminal
Street Address 1100 Main StreetStringNumber and StreetFor brick and mortar transactions only
Street Address 2Fl 2StringFor brick and mortar transactions only
CityHolmdelStringFor brick and mortar transactions only
StateNJStringFor brick and mortar transactions only
Zip/ Postal Code23908StringNeeds to be 5 characters. For brick and mortar transactions only
Country CodeUSAStringFor brick and mortar transactions only
Phone555-555-5555StringFor brick and mortar transactions only
Websitepicklesrus.comStringFor online purchases, the main domain of the site

Receipt Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNotes
Merchant Transaction ID120394032820StringYour unique ID rendered for each saleThis field will be the same for split tenders whereas your receipt ID will differ
Merchant ID345802717909123StringMerchant IDAlso known as MID, it’s a 15-digit distinctive code assigned by merchant bank to identifies a merchant account to their acquirer
Timestamp of Purchase2021-10-01 10:45:55RFC3339The time at which purchase occurred (UTC if possible)This can be different than when the charge is posted to the financial institution. Please let Banyan know if this is the case
Number of items10NumericThe number of items within a single transaction
Total Amount100.00NumericAmount paid by the customer
Tax Amount8.00NumericSales tax amount
Subtotal92.00NumericTotal amount less tax amount less shipping less tip
Shipping Amount4.99NumericAmount paid for a ship or delivery fulfillment type
Cash Back0.00NumericAmount of cash backRelevant for cash purchases or debit with cash back.
Tip Amount0.00NumericExtra money for services rendered.Should be included in Total Amount.
Receipt Bar Code URL of the barcode for the receipt if available
Order Typein_storeStringWhere the transaction was paid for. Valid examples: in_store, web, app, phoneIf the order was paid for online and picked up in store it is a web transaction.
Fulfillment TypedeliveryStringWhether the transaction was fulfilled by delivery, pickup, or a ship optionIf the order was an in_store purchase, the fulfillment should also be noted as in_store.
Receipt Image URL for the image of the receipt if available
CurrencyUSDStringAlphabetic currency code associated with the value in ISO 4217 format.

Receipt Item Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNote
Item ID123408StringUnique ID for the item sold in the transactionThis ID is a sequencing ID on the receipt. It could be a unique ID from the basket detail table or a counter on each receipt. Used for QA purposes.
BrandTommy's PicklesStringBrand of the item
DescriptionGallon Half Sour PicklesString
SKU1234325StringStore specific ID of item
UPC4563226115636StringUniversal product codePlease tell Banyan whether the UPC you have provided includes a check number already
Full Price Per Unit15.00NumericThe regular price for the item specified in the item id
Discount Price Per Unit13.99NumericThe amount paid for the itemThis might differ from Item List Price if the item is on sale
CategoryFoodStringIf you have an internal categorization of the item
Unit TypeEachStringThe unit the item is sold inOther examples: lbs, oz
Quantity2NumericNumber of the same item purchasedIf it is a returned item, this number should be negative

Customer Information

NameExampleData TypeDescriptionNote
Custom field for loyalty group 110290StringA segment of customers you later want to filter on/see as a dimension in your reports
Custom field for loyalty group 223424StringA second segment of customers you later want to filter on/see as a dimension in your reports


These are logical groupings of fields and should have no bearing on how you break up or flatten the data you send to Banyan