Example Usage

The API documentation you will find below includes sample code and commands one may use in a terminal, in a system shell. These commands should work for most shells (Bash, Korn, Kshell, Zshell), but have mostly been tested using Bash. Windows machines should also be able to execute them when using a POSIX-compatible shell (for example, WSL or "Windows Subsystem for Linux").

In all cases, command must be used as show in order to be guaranteed to work. Our recommendation is to define the shell variables as we have done (using the values correct for you), so you may simply copy and paste the other commands.

If you choose not to do this, and you elect to edit the commands, please do not use a word processor or notes application. These applications make changes to text in order to format them according to their own designs. Such applications often change characters that render shell commands invalid. Attempting to run commands that have been copied from a word processor or notes application will often result in breakages that can be difficult to debug. Instead, a plain text editor that offers no formatting capabilities is the safest means to edit shell commands that you will be pasting into a terminal.