Offer Redemption Egress


Offer Redemption Definition: A record that shows whether a receipt qualifies for a publisher's offer and the associated reward.


Every enriched transaction (eTx) that Banyan creates (a match between a receipt and transaction) is also checked for a possible offer redemption. An offer redemption refers to the additional information being included alongside the eTx which is grouped into two components: offer details and results. Offer redemptions are sent regardless of whether the result is a fulfilled or unfulfilled offer. This is to aid in any client inquiries around why a reward was not given.

The egress options are identical to the eTx egress options. The only distinction is its location. For Batch options, the offer redemptions will be found in the path: cloud provider/output/confirm/{date}/ . Here are the Google specific details and the Amazon Specific details. The API endpoint for offer redemption retrieval is also different, with details found here.

Banyan will share the amount of the reward, which items qualified for the offer and which did not. In addition, there is also a repeat_amount counter which will show what the counter was set before assessing the receipt in the record.