Batch Retrieval: Google Cloud Storage


Banyan supports sending and receiving batch data at rest in Google Cloud Storage. We provide roles for reading your enriched transaction data and have some commonly used practices to make things easy to test your integration seamlessly.

Our data is held in region: us-central1 (Iowa) and retention is set to 10 years by default on the bucket.

Folder Structure

Within your GCS bucket there will be an /output folder that contains all of your enriched transaction data from Banyan.

Currently Banyan has two different data products: Enrich and Confirm. The /offer path within the output folder contains the data product for Confirm. For enriched transactions you want to set up your ingestion script to pull from only the /enrich folder.

  • Example Path: gs:test-bucket/output/enrich/2022-07-26/
  • Example File: 2022-07-26T16:23:09Z+22837398682.avro

For a full understanding of fields in the enriched transaction, see documentation here.