Batch Retrieval: Amazon S3


Banyan supports data retrieval from S3. If you have already set up a bucket with us for data ingestion, we will use that same bucket to share your enriched data back.

If you already use S3 to send Banyan data, we will update your role to now have read permissions on the /output directory. In addition, you will need to update your existing role {WIP}

Folder Structure

Within your S3 bucket you will see an /output file path that contains all of your enriched transactions.

Currently Banyan has two different data products: Enrich and Confirm. The /offer path within the output folder contains the data product for Confirm. For enriched transactions you want to set up your ingestion script to pull from only the /enrich folder.

  • Example Path: s3:test-bucket/output/confirm/2022-07-26/
  • Example File: 2022-07-26T16:23:09Z+22837398682.avro