API: POST Offer Activation


An offer activation is the relationship between an offer and a user's account or specific card sourced from the publisher of the offer. If an offer is account wide, you must include all cards that belong to the user to ensure that they will receive the offer reward no matter which card is used. If a new card is added to an account later on, a new offer activation must be created with the new card and the existing offer.

Offer activations are used by Banyan to know which receipts on the Banyan network to assess for offers. If an offer activation is missing either a consumer token or a card last four, it will not be considered for an offer redemption.

Banyan has an option on the offer object called always_on. This flag indicates whether the offer needs a consumer to opt into the offer or whether it automatically applies to a given merchant. If an offer hasalways_on = TRUE, then the offer automatically applies and activations do not apply to this offer. There is validation on the offer activation endpoint to ensure that none are created for an always on offer.

Developers, please see the API reference for an interactive experience.



Remember this must be done after the offer has been created. To see those details please go here


byn_offer_idThe ID of the offer that the activation belongs toStringYes
publisher_consumer_tokenThe unique ID your organization has for an accountStringYes
cardsThe cards that are valid for the offerArray of stringsYesRequires that there be at least one card


POST http://api.banyan.com/rest/v1/6edcde44-f440-5dc2-ad20-5369303a27b0/activation
Bearer: {token_id}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

    "byn_offer_id": "442576ba-f0e3-4236-b700-1035a19djd7a",
    "publisher_consumer_token": "fe2576ba-f0e3-4256-b700-1035a19d9e7a",
    "cards": ["4003"]


idBanyan created ID of the offer activation object.String


    "data": [
            "id": "5e811ab5-0be4-5b39-87a9-e2c5423c0cc5",
            "byn_offer_id": "6edcde44-f440-5dc2-ad20-5369303a27b0",
            "byn_publisher_id": 106,
            "publisher_consumer_token": "fe2576ba-f0e3-4256-b700-1035a19d9e7a",
            "cards": [
            "created_ts": "2022-12-06T21:44:27.474869Z",
            "updated_ts": "2022-12-06T21:44:27.474869Z"
    "errors": []
Error CodeDescriptionExamples
400Bad Request1. Offer activations with a null array of "cards"
404Not Found