Publisher Data Onboarding Guide


Built atop of Banyan Enrich, Banyan Confirm allows for questions to be answered about a transaction using item-level data. One common application of this infrastructure is Card Linked Offers with offer criteria at the item or category level. Using Banyan's matching algorithm, we are able to discern whether a purchase from one of the merchants in our network has met the criteria for an offer redemption. To achieve this, five key pieces of information are necessary:

Offer CriteriaPublisher/Service ProviderTo understand what offer details qualify or disqualify a purchase from an offer
Offer ActivationsPublisher/Service ProviderTo understand if the consumer opted into an offer sent to Banyan
ReceiptAdvertiser/MerchantTo match item-level data against offer criteria
TransactionPublisher/Service ProviderTo see which transaction is attributed with the offer redemption (reward)
CampaignBanyan/PublisherTo map multiple offers to a single campaign budget for reporting and billing

Integration Steps

Step 1

Create campaign ID which you will use later to create an offer. Without a valid campaign ID, an offer will not be accepted by the API. If all of your offers come from distinct marketing budgets, you will be creating one campaign id for each offer.

Step 2

Create an offer using all of the details of your offer criteria as well as when the offer starts/ends, and whether you would like to see full receipt details in your enrichments.

Step 3

Create offer activations for all of the cardholders that opt into the offer. This allows Banyan to filter our matching algorithm to only consumer tokens that have opted in and ignore any other transactions coming into the platform. Offer mappings should continue to be sent to Banyan while the offer is active.

Step 4

Send in transactions to be enriched with offer information and item level data.