API: PUT Offer

Altering an existing offer's details


For auditing purposes, most attributes of an offer cannot be updated once submitted to Banyan. However, the expiration date can be extended to a date in the future or ended early. When using this PUT URL to bring the expiration date forward, the date must be greater than current day + 1.

Developers, please see our API Reference for an interactive example.


api.banyan.com/rest/v1/offer/{{byn_offer_id}} where byn_offer_id is the offer you wish to update.


As stated above, the only thing to update is the the expiration date.

expiration_tsWhen the offer endsRFC3339YesShould be sent in UTC. If you want the offer to extend for a long period of time, choose a date far out in the future.


    "expiration_ts": "2022-12-20T00:00:00Z"


As you can see, the response is the full offer detail again, and contains the updated expiration date if a successful call was made.


    "data": [
            "id": "1b0b4b5d-b900-502d-b308-fd16e1d2b45e",
            "publisher_offer_id": "72b5f9c4-2462-5398-b453-71f4040425d9",
            "campaign_id": "86c6f660-8e9a-533a-b3d8-679a9a245095",
            "return_receipt_detail": true,
            "byn_advertiser_id": 106,
            "byn_publisher_id": 106,
            "amount_back_limit": "10",
            "amount_back_per_dollar": "0.2",
            "amount_back_type": "DOLLAR",
            "start_ts": "2022-07-05T15:05:32Z",
            "expiration_ts": "2022-12-20T00:00:00Z",
            "offer_criteria": {
                "order_types": [
                "incl_tags": [
                    "category_description:|:BABY CARE"
                "excl_tags": [
                "incl_sku": [],
                "excl_sku": [],
                "amount_threshold": "50",
                "repeat_amount": 2
            "created_ts": "2022-12-09T02:41:23.996205Z",
            "updated_ts": "2022-12-09T02:42:19.037003Z"
    "errors": []


Example of an attempt to change the expiration date to a date not in the future:

    "data": [],
    "errors": [
        "expiration_ts must be at least one day after current time"
Error CodeDescriptionExamples
400Bad Request1. expiration_ts must be at least one day after current time
404Not Found